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Recent PageSpeed algo change – Google Analytics

Google’s PageSpeed Calculator has just revamped their site tool ( AND their Page Speed Rating Algorithm.

It appears that JavaScript is one of the areas being targeted, especially any that you have in the header – even Google’s own Analytics code!

Below are a series of screen captures of PageSpeed Scores for a client’s site.

The first image show the site score just after implementation earlier this year.

PageSpeed score before November algo change

The second image shows the score for the same site after PageSpeed’s algorithm update, showing quite a significant drop in Score, Content Paints and Speed.

PageSpeed Score after November Algo change

The third screenshot shows the site score after moving the Google Analytics code from the header to the footer – no other alterations were made.

PageSpeed stats after moving GA code to footer

So just that one piece of code and async call to Google’s own Analytics JavaScript file caused the drop in Page Score and Site Speed.

Google recommends that its analytics file resides in the header as it will then capture even the briefest visit.

I would rather judge for myself whether the remote possibility of missing a <2 second bounced visit is worth the drop in page speed.

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