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WebMaster Services - ManFridayIT
Does Your Website Need A WebMaster But You Can't Justify The Resource Cost?

Do you need your website updating (or even a new site altogether), increase your website's page speed, a landing page creating for a marketing campaign, creating an email shot, your social media updating, on-page and off-page SEO for your site, competitor analysis, a database for your customers or products, a new spreadsheet / workbook, a VBA project or MS Office process rationalisation, a new Business System, to update your blog, proof-reading or file format transfer (eg customer address database)? You may well have the skillset, but have you got the time?


ManFridayIT is YOUR small business's Website Manager. Offering regular half-day/day slots (weekly or monthly) we can provide Website Management Services for you web presence.

We are aware that from month to month, week to week your priorities will change;

one month you may require a small Business Application being created to overcome a problem or rationalise a process, then the next month you may require a new web landing page to align your website with a particular marketing campaign.

At the same time you could want regular SEO work on your website.

Our Web Management Service for a half-day is £125 + VAT.

We offer a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly service for our web maintenance slots.

The Webmaster Service is carried out remotely, we do not require remote access to your PC or devices. You may occasionally be required to download programs, or Applications that have been made for you but full and precise instructions will be supplied at that time.

Should your site require constant attention where a normal maintenance slot would not be applicable, we could offer an alternative arrangement.

We do not get involved with hardware issues.

We do not contact any third party supplier on your behalf (other than Hosting).

If you have any kind of agreement with another company regarding your website or services (other than Hosting), then you must deal with this before employing ManFridayIT.

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