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Do You Need to Create Excel Macros With VBA or other MS Office Tasks / Processes?

Are you struggling to streamline your office systems? VBA can help you.

ManFridayIT's VBA Development services can put you back on track, saving the need to take on extra staff or employ costly automation systems that are not practical to your situation or budget.

If you are looking for a VBA Developer/Programmer then contact ManFridayIT for help and assistance with streamlining your business's pinchpoints with Customised System and Excel VBA Macro Development.

VBA Developer Services

Excel automation refers to the use of programming techniques to automate repetitive tasks or processes in Microsoft Excel.

This can involve writing macros, using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), or using other programming languages to interface with Excel.

Some common examples of Excel automation include: automatically formatting data, automating calculations, creating custom functions, importing and exporting data.

Automating Excel through VBA can help you save time and improve productivity, by automating repetitive tasks and streamlining your workflow.

Data in Excel can be accessed through existing facilities, but using SQL in VBA can offer great flexibility and functionality, eg allowing 'joins' from different worksheets' columns.

Excel can also be used as a multi-relational database, but it has some limitations compared to traditional relational databases like SQL Server or Oracle.

However, for small scale solutions it is more portable and requires no other infrastructure beyond MS Office.

Yes, it's been around for some time, but so many companies use it that VBA is going nowhere in the forseeable future.

Excel Workbooks, Access databases and MS Word are all part of the MS Office suite that can be automated and interact with each other through VBA development.

"The VBA implementation in Office continues to be updated to support new Office features. VBA is used for professional and end-user development due to its perceived ease-of-use, Office's vast installed userbase, and extensive legacy in business."
( Source:Wikipedia)

User forms in Excel and Access are a powerful tool that allows VBA developers to create custom interfaces and input forms for users to interact with their Excel-based solutions.

User forms provide a way to collect user input, display data, and present options in a more user-friendly way than the standard Excel interface.

User forms can be a powerful way to enhance the user experience and streamline data entry and analysis tasks in Excel.

Need a database to store your customer details, sales/stock inventory, work management details?

ManFridayIT has been creating databases for over fifteen years. Databases can be created in MS or MySQL.

Our expertise covers areas like Data Cleansing, File Format Transfer, WordPress, WP-PlugIns, WP Custom Fields, ACF, XML File To PDF, PHP, Javascript, AJAX, GMail API, Ebay API, Maps API, and Woo Commerce. Also extensive experience of legacy VB6 programming and development.

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