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Websites, Databases, SEO, Systems, VBA

ManFridayIT is YOUR small business's IT department. From building websites in a modern framework like Bootstrap, databases in MS Access or MySQL, Spreadsheets and Macros in Excel, VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) where the MS Office components such as Word, Access, Excel, Outlook can interact with each other, SEO - both on and off-page, bespoke Customer and / or Workflow systems and one-off Business Applications, we are your one-stop shop for SMB solutions.

Make Me A Website

ManFridayIT can create you a website in Bootstrap, fully responsive websites that re-size themselves automatically to the viewing screen, whether that be PC, laptop, Tablet or phone and importantly, Google-friendly. It will be optimised for on-page SEO with not only keywords relevant to your business but also LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) will be applied as a matter of course.

Build Me A Database

Need a database to store your customer details, sales/stock inventory, work management details? ManFridayIT has been creating databases for over fifteen years. DBs can be created in MS Access or MySQL.

Make A Solution For My Business

ManFridayIT create Custom-built solutions and not 'off the shelf' applications that your business gets shoehorned into.

It could be PC-based Work Management / Customer / Inventory Systems, or a web application interfacing with other systems.

See the video opposite for some examples,

I Need A System By Tomorrow

VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) where the MS Office components such as Word, Access, Excel, Outlook can interact with each other, and automate tasks like email production, printing out a letter or letters, updating a spreadsheet or database table, or web apps can be built in it.

Take a look at the adjacent video, it will give you an idea of what can be created quite quickly with VBA.

Help My Web Rankings

SEO - can be classed as a mixture of on-page and off-page. On-page factors include keyword LSI, Niche keywords, Page Speed, Bounce Rate, Anchor Text, Internal Link Structure, Advanced Layout Techniques; for instance web pages often experience a 20-30% drop out where no image/ multimedia or break appears on the screen at any one time, ie a page full of text with no breaks is not easy on the eye or attention span.
Off-screen factors determining your web presence are links, social media, business niche-related forum involvement, company name mentions on other websites.

Email My Client List

For a small business email marketing is by far and away the most cost effective of all marketing methods.

If your Customer Database has been set up right and segmented according to your niches then you can directly match your offer to your clients' requirements or interests. Twinning the campaign with a custom designed landing page on your website, specifically tailored for this offer, can be an extremely effective approach.

woo,wordpress, api, xml-to-pdf

XML to PDF, Woo, Wordpress. APIs For Gmail/EBay/Maps

ManFridayIT can help your business in a variety of ways, not just regular contract work but one-offs or gigs if you like. Our expertise covers areas like File Format Transposing, XML File To PDF, Proof Reading, Digitise Paper Records, assistance with PHP, Javascript, AJAX, GMail API, Ebay API, Maps API, Woo Commerce and Wordpress.