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Using VB.Net to Update OpenOffice Calc Spreadsheet (without leaving .bin file hanging!)

Update Open Office Calc Spreadsheet in VB.Net Most of the references I have come across for updating Open Office with VB.Net do not cover closing the application (or in some cases opening) completely. Unlike MS Office automation where quitting / closing the class object and


Using VB.Net to Open, Update, Close Excel With Other Workbooks Open

Open, Update and Close Excel Workbook in VB.Net with other Workbooks Open This VB.Net application checks for any open Excel workbooks, opens an instance of Excel, searches for a specific-named WorkSheet, if the sheet is not found it is created. The first completely empty row


How To Get Rid Of The Blue Lines In Photoshop

If you, like me, have ever suddenly found Blue Guide Lines appear over your Photoshop page (seemingly without reason) and wonder how the heck to get rid of them, then read on – it’s easily rectified. I spent a frustrating hour on trying to solve